How To Build An OnLine Group Therapy Practice with Dr. Lisa Lovelace

Dr. Lisa Lovelace is the founder and owner of Synergy eTherapy, which is an online mental health counseling website where you can choose from one of their highly-skilled, independent mental health and addiction therapists who offer high-quality, professional counseling on the go, on your time!  Lisa had an idea for an online practice back in 2012 and decided to go … Read More

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Eric Blommel

I was super curious to learn more about this week’s topic, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. So I went on the hunt for the research as well as someone I could chat with about what this looks like in session.  According to the article abstract for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): Patient Demographics, Clinical Data and Outcomes in Three Large Practices Administering Ketamine … Read More

Understanding Interpersonal Violence & A Treatment Framework with Kelly Lynch, LCSW

This week’s episode is all about Interpersonal Violence also known as IPV. My guest, Kelly Lynch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, shares statistics on IPV, the emotional and physical impacts related to IPV, understanding our therapeutic role as a therapist when working with someone who has experienced IPV and she shares why psychoeducation on IPV is really important, for the therapist … Read More

The Truth About Marriage with Roger Nygard

This week’s guest, Roger Nygard, tracked down the experts – and some other extraordinary folks – to solve the mystery of happy relationships. Along the way, he discovered scientific facts about how we truly find each other to begin with, what we can do to increase the chances of finding our soulmate, and how most of what we call fate … Read More