Pivoting And Shifting Your Talk Therapist Skill Set With Jonathan Van Viegen

This episode is really more like a virtual coffee talk between friends, who also happen to be talk therapists. Jonathan Van Viegen currently resides in Japan and I live in South Carolina and while we may be miles apart, we’ve been able to grow a friendship and professional relationship. We connect on many levels as we’re both parents, spouses, talk … Read More

The Multi Passionate Therapist

Are you a talk therapist with many interests? Well if so, welcome to the club! Pull up a chair and get comfortable. Today’s episode is dedicated to our peers who enjoy what they do yet also feel called to other things. My guest, Dr. Bryan Fox, shares his story and how he has carved out a career in addiction recovery … Read More

A Master Therapist Reflects

There are so many incredible things to let you know about today’s guest, Dr. Vince Ward.  I first met him when I was a graduate student in the Counselor Education program at the University of South Carolina and over the years we have run into each other at workshops and seminars. He always has a warm smile on his face … Read More

Getting Started With Facebook Live

Would you like to explode your brand on social media? If so, let me share what has worked truly worked the best for me! It’s Facebook live and it has been the game changer. However when I first started, I was horrible.  Yet I wanted to grow my personal brand so I kept at it. I began to create better content. I … Read More

Not Your Typical Psychotherapist with Ernesto Segismundo

Ernesto Segismundo is not your typical Psychotherapist. Yes, he’s a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Southern California as well as a group practice owner however he is also a Videographer, Conference Creator, Financial Coach, Professional Connector and Networker.  He loves to help therapists think outside of the typical 4 walls of the therapy room when it comes to pivoting … Read More