An Overview of Eating Disorders & Treatment with Dr. Rhea Ann Merck

Are you interested in treating Eating Disorders yet are unsure of how to approach them? Today’s guest, Dr. Rhea Ann Merck, gives us an overview of the diagnoses, the clinical issues to explore, and her integrative approach to treatment. This episode is chock full of clinical insight and practical ideas for you to start implementing today.  If you are new … Read More

Creating A Self Care Plan for Your Practice & Life

We preach it all the time to our clients yet are we truly walking the walk when it comes to self care? I know I have personally burnt the candle at both ends and then when I finally hit the wall, I had to seriously re-evaluate how I do this work. I am excited to bring today’s guest onto the … Read More

Intro Episode

Welcome to The Therapy Show! I’m your host Lisa Mustard, LMFT. My goal is to provide value to the talk therapy and counseling field by bringing in-depth and exciting interviews with experts, experienced practitioners and other interesting people within our profession. My hope is my guests make a positive impact on you, your work and career and ultimately for your … Read More