Creating A Self Care Plan for Your Practice & Life

We preach it all the time to our clients yet are we truly walking the walk when it comes to self care? I know I have personally burnt the candle at both ends and then when I finally hit the wall, I had to seriously re-evaluate how I do this work.

I am excited to bring today’s guest onto the show. Nicole Deems a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LAC and RYT and a true proponent of self care. (In fact, I think she’s the most laid back person I know.) She discusses the differences between micro and macro self care and gives us ideas we counselors can start incorporating NOW.

Listen in to hear how talk therapists can find self care in the pockets of our days and why it’s so important to pay attention to our own fuel tank.

Presenters: Lisa Mustard, Ed.S., LMFT and Nicole Deems, Ed.S., LMFT/S

In this course, Lisa interviews Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Nicole Deems and she discusses proactive self care for therapists, how to be more intentional with your self care practice and why macro self care is so important.


Identify the meaning and benefit of a proactive practice of self-care.

Differentiate between Micro vs Macro self-care and the benefits of both.  

Identify micro self-care skills that support your work.  



10 mins Introduction and backgrounds

15 mins Describing proactive self care principles

15 mins Describing micro self care practice

10 mins Discussion of self care ideas

10 Questions and Answers

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