Stop Emotional Eating & Heal Your Relationship With Food With Laura Buckley, RD, LDN

Laura Buckley is a Registered Dietitian who coaches Big Hearted Helpers and Healers in eating for health and energy balance.  In this episode we talk about what is emotional eating, why awareness of your thoughts & feelings is key when it comes to changing eating behaviors, a framework for therapists to use when working with those dealing with emotional eating, … Read More

Living In The Land Of Possibilities & Solutions With Bill O’Hanlon

Bill O’Hanlon is a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, author, and speaker. He co-developed Solution-Oriented Therapy, has authored or co-authored over 39 books (ranging from brief therapy for various clinical topics to those about publishing and now song writing). He is also a musician who plays guitar and writes country music. And yes, he was also on Oprah with his book, Do … Read More

Self Publishing Made Simple with Dr. Emee Vida Estacio

Have you thought about writing a book? Have you considered self publishing? I’m raising my hand and waving it wildly over here! So when I came across Dr. Emee Vida Estacio and her Self Publishing Made Simple Process, I was intrigued and had to know more.  Emee is a chartered Psychologist in the UK and Founder of the PAME Code. … Read More