An Overview of Binge Eating Disorder & Treatment

Today’s episode is all about Binge Eating Disorder. Brandi Stalzer of the Eating Recovery Center gives us an overview of the guidelines, helps us understand treatment options and shares a variety of evidence based approaches to treating eating disorders. Brandi Stalzer, LIMHP, LPC is the Clinical Manager for Eating Recovery Center, The Carolinas. Her role focuses on providing clinical direction to … Read More

How To Be An Adoption Resource For Your Clients

Today’s episode is all about adoption. Jill Corrigan is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Supervisor who has been in practice for over 20 years in the areas of adoption, mental health and traumatic brain injury.  She has also testified in court on adoption related matters, taught in the graduate level to masters level social work candidates, has presented both domestically … Read More

How to Move Through Burnout and Compassion Fatigue with Sherry Collier

Today’s episode is dedicated my talk therapists friends who have experienced or are experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue. (This is a topic I know too well as I hit it about 18 months ago.) I seriously don’t think we talk enough about it in our profession, so when I connected with Sherry Collier and we began chatting, I was excited … Read More