Fitness For Busy People With Candace Smith

Candace Smith is a Personal Trainer who is here to help busy people get fit. She shares advice and tips on how to make the most of our time when it comes to fitness and reaching our goals. We hope you enjoy this episode! If you are enjoying the show, please consider leaving me a 5 star rating and review … Read More

Feel Confident and Competent In Working With Autism With Tosha Rollins

Tosha Rollins is a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina, and owner of Rollins Counseling, LLC. She is also a wife to Travis, and momma to three sons, ages 8-22, and stepmom to Kaylee, who is now in college. She loves adventures, traveling, nature, and spending time with her family. She started the Autism in Action Podcast because she wanted … Read More