How I figured out how to be a better {insert anything here}

How I figured out how to be a better {insert anything here}

Aw, new year’s resolutions. Everyone seems to making them right about now. My gym is getting busier with folks coming in to check the place out. I’m getting asked more about healthier eating. People are talking about learning new skills too (piano, crocheting, candle making, etc.).

Honestly, I am not the best resolution maker. Each year I tell myself I will: be a better parent, better spouse, better counselor, better _____. Truth of the matter is that I would love to be BETTER at most things. Who wouldn’t?

Actually DOING the things that lead to being better is KEY. Most people know what they need to do to be better yet they struggle with following through. So what’s that all about?

I believe it has to do with WHY they want to reach their goals. When someone tells me they want to lose 20 lbs, my first question is, “why?” When he replies with the idea he wants to be healthier. I still say WHY?

See most people believe that getting healthier is enough of a reason to go through the motions of exercising and eating better. But the truth is this only gets folks so far. You must go deeper. You must dig to find your internal motivation.

I know it’s hard. About 20 years ago I was just getting started with lifting weights and eating cleaner. At the time it was a true vanity issue. I wanted to look good. I didn’t care too much about feeling good. I just wanted to rock a bikini. When my 30s came along, my body changed. I put on a little more body fat and was also on that whole FAT FREE EVERYTHING bandwagon. Then I had babies. Then life got really hectic and I ached for self care. So as you can imagine, rocking a bikini wasn’t so high on my priority list anymore – gaining sanity was!😉

But finding the time to take care of me was turning out to be a struggle. My mindset was still stuck on vanity issues instead of having more energy to enjoy my children. Once I shifted my WHY, I was more motivated to make time for myself.

Since then, it’s mostly fallen into place. Sure, some days I struggle with getting my self care accomplished due to work and family commitments, but I have an amazing husband who supports me and knows I need “Lisa time” to re-energize and recoup. He likes to tell people when Lisa is happy, we’re all happy! LOL

Lisa Mustard (1)
This is me. When I shifted my WHY, results came. I found my internal inspiration and it’s unwavering.

I know finding internal motivation can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve created a free 7 day challenge. The Get Inspired Challenge starts January 11, 2016! I know that by the end of the challenge you will have found your formula for UNENDING INSPIRATION.

After completing the challenge, you will have all the drive, determination and motivation (I’m talking daily here!) you need to follow through on your 2016 resolutions. I want you to succeed! I want you to have what you desire!

I’ve done it and am excited to share with you how you can have it too!

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To get in on the challenge, go here to sign up for my emails:

When you sign up, you’ll also receive my story on how I got photo shoot ready in 16 weeks (with progress pics!)

I look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you!

Here’s to an EPIC 2016!!

Post holiday blues and how to handle them

Post holiday blues and how to handle them

Awww!! Here we are, a few days after Christmas, awaiting New Years and I just feel a little off. I didn’t see this coming. I was so excited last week to head into a full 10 days off from work and the routine of school nights and homework. Yet, here I am, a little blue.

So, what’s going on? I believe it’s my schedule. I’m off my normal routine. I’m sleeping in a little bit, taking my time to get the day started and have no real plan for the day. YIKES! I suppose I do better on a schedule than I thought!

I’m loving my quality time with my family. We’re taking it easy and enjoying the down time. But, I’m also feeling way under-productive and a little lazy. OY.

So here’s what I am going to do and suggest to you if you happen to be dealing with the Post Holiday Blahs:

  1. Keeping a similar sleep schedule as best as I can. Going to bed the same time I normally would during the work week. Getting up at the same time too.
  2. Get back to fueling my body instead of just eating what’s convenient. (We have tons of leftovers and sweets in the house which need to go!)
  3. WATER UP! I’m leaving those alcoholic beverages for New Year’s Eve.
  4. Moving my body. Lifting weights, exercising, stretching.
  5. Enjoying each moment and staying present.
  6. Acting grateful and positive. The easiest way for me to do this is to get out of my house and see people! Even if it’s heading to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I smile and make eye contact with folks.

I already FEEL better just writing this up! My plan is taking shape and I can visualize my success. So, what do you think? Does my plan sound do-able for you?




Do These Things NOW To Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next Level

Do These Things NOW To Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next Level

When I decided to give network marketing a go, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. And to be 100% transparent, I started NM with a different company than the one I am with now. Don’t get me wrong, this company was fabulous! The products made sense to me and they helped me solve a problem. However, there was one big issue! I couldn’t remember to use the products. You can imagine what happened next…I lost interest.

Flash forward about 18 months later and I came across a company and products which would solve two problems for me: 1. Easy and convenient meals for on-the-go mamas (or anyone!) and 2. allowing me to let go of a big chunk of weekend food prep which meant I would gain quality time back with my family.

Within days of starting my plan I fell in love with the shakes (delicious), my energy shot up and I realized they were the SOLUTION I was looking for! All natural, high protein, low glycemic food – in a powder form I could just add water to and BAM! Meal complete! Other benefits which came within a short amount of time were: releasing fat and toxins from my body, an increase in my energy at 3pm, better sleep and a clearer complexion.

These products have helped me TRANSFORM my physique!

Becoming a ‘product of the product’ was easy. I was reaching my fitness goals and leaning out easier than I ever had in the past. It was the business building part that had me stuck! I listened to every call and watched every video I could! I ‘stalked’ the successful people in my company to see what they were doing! I joined as many Facebook groups as possible to learn from others! And I realized that all this watching and learning, while helpful, wasn’t building my business for me.

I fumbled along and was able to enroll many product users. However, finding others who caught the vision of time and financial freedom was difficult. My company gives me plenty of tools to help me grow my list and ask people to take a look however, if I wasn’t using the tools and asking for people to take a look – what good are these tools?

I decided I needed a course of action and below you will find an outline of it. It has evolved over the past 18 months and depending on how much time you can devote to growing your business, your plan may look different than mine. (Just so you know, I work a full time job, am a full time mama and wife and I have a life coaching business.)

  1. Consistent daily actions: 1. Ask 3-5 people to take a look at our company and products (this is based off of my running list) 2. Check in with my downline (product users and business builders) and ask how I can support them 3. Connect and build relationships. This action is probably my FAVORITE! Why? Because I love reconnecting with folks and making new friends and TRULY listening to them. I take myself out of it and JUST LISTEN.
  2. Time blocking is KEY for me. I get up between 4:45 and 5:15 during the work week. I log in to Facebook, check any new messages, then check my group pages and post on FB. I then review my running list and get to work! After I get my morning connecting done, I workout in the backyard. (My workouts are about 45 minutes long). After I am finished, my girls are waking up and it’s time to get the rest of the day started. I also work an hour or two after my girls go to sleep. I rarely watch television.
  3. I am engaged in my upline’s Facebook support page and I have scheduled weekly accountability calls with my upline. I often eat lunch at my desk so I can get an extra hour in of work. (By the way, this ‘job’ doesn’t feel like ‘work’!)

Whatever your NM business, this plan WILL help you grow. However, you MUST commit to it. My business doesn’t grow by thinking about it – it grows when I take ACTION.

May 2015 — I continue to reach my goals with these easy, convenient, high protein, and all natural products!
5 Steps to Curing “The Mondays”

5 Steps to Curing “The Mondays”

It’s Sunday and you start to get a case of “The Mondays” around 4pm. You’re thinking of how many emails are waiting for you in your Outlook or maybe the project you’ve been procrastinating over for the last two weeks. Even better, your coworker will be back from vacation and you know he will want to tell you every little detail as soon as he walks in the door. And it’s entirely possible that your J-O-B isn’t the dream you thought it would be.

You won’t hear “suck it up buttercup” from me because I know what it feels like. Over the years, I have had cases of “The Mondays” and I felt like a victim each and every time.

When I felt like a victim, I loved to complain to everyone; my mother, my boyfriend, my friends, my cats. Really, anyone was a candidate to hear my grievances. And who wants to hang out with the victim? I was tired of hearing myself complain too. But I didn’t know how to cure it. I didn’t know what needed to be changed!

I recall seeing this quote and it had me baffled: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Huh? What? I don’t get it.

Here’s what I finally figured out. I needed to change my lenses. I had to put on a new pair of glasses. I had to learn to see things differently. I was willing to try something different because I was miserable (just ask my dearest and closest friends!). This concept took weeks, even months, of understanding, patience, and faith. But, I did it. Here’s how:

  1. I learned to stop complaining. I started to search out the good stuff instead. This was hard at first because I went through a period where I was totally unfulfilled with my career. And at this point in my life, I was hard-wired to complain! I didn’t know how to stop. Yet, I knew if I could just take some action, I would feel more in control. So, I made the decision to look into other professions and to consider what my strengths were instead of working to bring up my weaknesses. Once I began this process, I started to see my current job as a learning opportunity where I could assess my skills and gain feedback on what I needed to improve upon. Work became more of an adventure instead of a grind.
  2. I learned to shift my thinking. Instead of going to “this is unfair, it SHOULD be done or handled this way” mentality, I let go of what I couldn’t control and focused on WHAT I could. The coolest part of this? I was able to find positives everywhere! I began asking myself “what is good about this?” and I was able to see things change before my eyes.
  3. I listed out the qualities and traits of the person I wanted to BECOME. I wrote them down on a note card. I asked myself to commit to BEING those traits even when I didn’t feel like it. Kinda like “fake it til you make it”. It worked. I became positive, cheerful, energetic, calmer and more focused.
  4. I began to see abundance instead of scarcity. I am not afraid of a lack of work or money. If I stay true to my values and priorities and set healthy boundaries, I am able to attract an abundance of things. For example, in my line of work, finding clients can be difficult at times. What I’ve learned is when I am authentic, excited, passionate and congruent; I attract many more clients than when I am thinking about my bank account or lack of funds. There is plenty of work for coaches and counselors.
  5. I began to practice gratitude. Sure, I make gratitude lists. I write in a journal – sometimes. However, each and every day, I give thanks for the people and experiences I have in my life. And not just “I am grateful for my children,” but “I am truly grateful for my daughters’ laughter which lightens my mood, their hugs which warm my heart, their drawings and pictures which remind me to enjoy their childhood, etc.” I go to bed with these thoughts.

So, I get it completely. “The Mondays” are no fun. You can have your pity party and you can decide how long you will let “The Mondays” get to you. Ultimately, it’s up to YOU to change.

I want you to know that I specialize in cases of “The Mondays”. I have helped many people get over this condition and learn to love and look forward to Mondays.

It’s not a question of CAN I help you?

But instead, ARE YOU READY to CHANGE?

Ready for CHANGE? Let’s go!


How To Be Your Own Life Coach In 5 Steps

How To Be Your Own Life Coach In 5 Steps

First things first – these steps are easy just not always simple. Easy because we can identify WHAT we want to change in our lives, however, oftentimes we don’t feel we have the power or know-how to make it happen.  I can relate. I too have felt helpless in reaching my desired outcomes. I too have wondered where do I begin and how do I stay motivated?

Curious how I got from clueless newbie to more experienced goal smasher? Ok, let’s dive in!

1. You need to get real CLEAR on what exactly it is you want to change. I hear this from a lot of women, “I want to feel better about myself and feel good in my skin.” My question back to these gals, “Ok, tell me what that looks like for you and how will you know you’ve achieved this goal?” See where I’m going with this? It’s UP TO YOU to define your change. Not me, not your husband, not your doctor.

2. Once you get clear on your change, I want you to list your values. Next, I want you to rate how congruently you are living your values.  So, on a scale of 1 to 10, where do you sit? Ten is the highest and most congruent, with one needing A LOT of work and off your radar completely (yet you value it and WANT to live it). My top values: family focus, personal growth and creatively making a difference in the lives of others. These are the values I strive to hit with a rating of at least an 8 each day. Now, I have other values which are important too yet these are the three that fill my “love tank” and inspire me to wake up and live each day to the fullest.

3. Now, how do you reconcile your desired change with your top values? I find this is where a lot of people get stuck with their change. You want something new in your life (your change) yet you feel your values aren’t congruent with your desired outcome. For example, you want to lose weight and feel better and one of your top values is family focus. However, taking time to care for yourself may take you away from spending time with your kids or spouse. And then you feel guilty or bad about asking for some self care time so you end up doing nothing to reach your desired outcome. I’ve been there and done that! Can you relate?

4. To get over this obstacle, you need to get clear on the actions you CAN and WILL take to start living a more congruent life. For example, three actions I focus on each day which help me stay healthy (my desired goal) and keep me focused on family (my value) are: 1. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day 2. Eat nutritious and balanced meals 3. Get eight hours of sleep. As you can see, these action items aren’t taking me away from my family (for very long) and I have come up with strategies to accomplish each goal.

5. Finally, I take temperature readings on my state throughout the day. If I am thinking negatively or find myself reacting pessimistically, I make the decision to CHANGE my thoughts. How? I ask myself better questions. I truly believe our thoughts control our life and our questions control our thoughts. So, I ask myself “What’s going on? Where did this energy come from? And what do I need to do to change it? How can I make this fun? What’s good about this?”

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s important for you to be realistic about the time it takes to reach your desired change. Frustration and discouragement may enter your mindset and those feelings are normal as you begin to take the steps to improve your life. I’m living proof of working through these feelings. When I first began my journey to start my life coaching practice, I felt overwhelmed and clueless on how to make it a go! Patience, asking for help, stepping outside my comfort zone and looking for growth opportunities have brought me here today.

What do you think? Ready to be your own Life Coach? Are you ready to MOVE on your change?

Or maybe you’d like someone to help you jump start your approach and plan?

If you’d like to schedule a FREE 25 minute phone consultation to see if I’m THE LIFE COACH FOR YOU – fill out the Contact Me form here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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How I Shed Fat The Sane Way

How I Shed Fat The Sane Way

Intermittent fasting (IF) is gaining more and more popularity. When I first learned of it, I was about 9 months postpartum and looking for an easy approach to losing the last of the baby weight. I was hesitant to start IF because it seemed in complete opposition with what I knew of diet and exercise. I was of the mindset to eat every 3 hours and endure long cardio sessions; which I believed was the formula to shed fat.

It is rumored that Hugh Jackman uses IF.

What is IF? In a nutshell, IF is:

~ Catch-all phrase for various diets that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting. It is a form of calorie restriction.
~ Within IF, there are many options on how to fast. There is the every-other day fast where you fast for 24 hours followed by 24 hours of non-fasting.
~ Another approach is to eat from 11am-8pm. This is what I did at the end of 2011 through the spring of 2012. It worked really well for me.
~ IF works because it is calorie restriction (please don’t forget that to shed fat, you MUST create a calorie deficit). During a fasted state, your body doesn’t have a recently eaten meal to use as energy so it’s going to pull it from stored fat instead of your glucose.
~ I would consider IF a more advanced technique to shedding fat. You need to get comfortable with the idea of not eating for a number a hours and learn to ‘ride the hunger waves’ as your body acclimates to the changes. If you have anxiety issues around food, I would really encourage you to address those issues before giving IF a go.

There are tons of articles out there on the internet. And there are many different approaches. I am going to give you two links yet I’m also going to share my experiences with you. I can’t tell you if you should give it a go or not – only you can make that call.
Dr. John Berardi, with Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon and Nate Green.
The authors of this publication not only give you science of IF but their personal experiences with the protocol. I encourage you to read the full e-book if you are considering IF as a fat shedding method.
Steve Kamb has written a great overview of IF which is fun to read.

I always encourage people to do their research before they begin a new dieting approach as well as talk with their physician to make sure they are healthy enough to begin.

How did it go for me?

I jumped in with the mindset of “I won’t know until I give it a go!” I began IF in January of 2012. I had the goal of walking the catwalk in Runaway Runway. The fashion show was in April and I had four months to get in bikini shape. My routine had me eating my last meal or snack by 8pm and then not eating again until 11am or 12pm the following day. I found this schedule to be quite freeing and loved not having to prep so much food. As a busy mother who worked full time outside of the home, the extra time OUT of the kitchen was a bonus!

I was able to maintain my consistency in the gym with strength training. I found I had plenty of energy to lift as well as do a little bit of cardio. However, after about two months of IF coupled with this workout regiment, I hit a plateau. So, I did what I thought I should do which was add in more cardio.

Adding in more cardio worked for another month or so. Then with about 4 weeks out from the fashion show, I made the decision to add in even more cardio. Honestly, I was miserable at this point. Too much cardio and not enough calories was beginning to mess with my body and mind. Eventually, I was ready for the catwalk but at the expense of some metabolic damage. I didn’t have an official diagnosis of metabolic harm but I could tell my body was off.

I had a blast at the show and felt comfortable with my physique that night. Yet I wasn’t sure how I was going keep my new figure without all the cardio and calorie restriction. Within a few weeks after the show, I had put some weight back on, however, I needed to let go of all that cardio because I couldn’t keep it up and I didn’t want to.

I eventually stopped IF and cut back on training. I needed a metabolic reset as well as a sane way to reach my goals again. Looking back, it wasn’t IF that didn’t work for me, it was the added long duration cardio! For the next year, I didn’t commit to any nutrition plan and my weight stayed about the same but, I started to fill out again. This led me to back to IF (because I knew it worked).

This time around I chose the 24-48 IF approach. I also began using a cleansing support system on my fasting days to help support any cravings to eat. And guess what else I changed? My workouts! On my fasting days, I would either take a day off from exercise or I would just walk. No more long duration cardio for me. A year and half later, I have found a sustainable program that not only has worked, but continues to work.

As I get closer to my goals, I don’t fast every week. I mix it up these days! I do this because I have learned what works for my body and I want to enjoy all foods in moderation. I don’t stress about having dessert one to two times a week. I don’t worry about an adult beverage throwing me off track. With this stress-free mindset, I continue to shed fat and gain muscle.

If you’d like to learn more about my IF approach and cleansing system, I am happy to share more information with you. You can reach me at my Facebook page Hope to see you over there!

Relationship After Baby

Relationship After Baby

This article originally appeared December 18, 2014 on, where my friend Erin is dedicated to educating others on how to pass down better health to their children. She asked me to write a post for her site – and here it is:

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It feels like yesterday but it’s been 7 years. I also remember all the books I received on how to have a healthy pregnancy. I read them cover to cover and highlighted chapters for my husband to read. I ate my vegetables, did my exercises and avoided the cat litter box. The pregnancy was pretty text book; the usual aches and pains. The last few weeks were difficult, mainly because I was uncomfortable and my sleep suffered.

Of course, like many first pregnancies, my baby liked it on the inside and it seemed as though she would stay in there until she was 16. However, a little castor oil got things going and after 23 (!!) hours of labor, my baby girl arrived into this world bright eyed and healthy! (Ok, yes I know there are plenty of women out there who may be cringing at the idea of castor oil to bring on labor. I ran this by my doctor ahead of time and she gave me the green light. In fact, when I arrived at the hospital in labor, she told me she was surprised it worked.)

When we came home from the hospital we laid her in her crib and stood there, side-by-side, adoring her. Sounds perfect, right? It went downhill within a couple of days. I was not prepared for how hard it was to shift from a happily married couple to a married couple with newborn. Everything changed. And I had no textbook or guide on what to do once baby made her debut! Sure, I had many books on baby and toddler ailments and development, but NOTHING on marital relationship post-baby’s arrival.

Looking back at that time in our marriage, it was a huge transition. In fact, it was really hard. Here’s why:

Our focus shifted. And I was not prepared for the shift.

For many years, my husband and I focused our attention on each other and our marriage. We worked hard to get to where we were in terms of understanding each other, our value and belief system, our dreams, goals and aspirations as well as our ‘we-ness’. We were rocking the marriage thing! We enjoyed the same things.  When we didn’t, we were cool with doing things separately.

And then we had a baby. We were now focusing on her the majority of our time and not so much on our marriage. I was sad, frustrated, and a little resentful (100% transparent here!!) at how much she took away from our couple time. At the same time, I was in love with my baby and didn’t want to be away from her. Couple these emotions with a lack of sleep and I felt, at times, crazy. I talked to friends and family. They were very helpful but I didn’t feel understood. I shed a lot of tears those first few weeks. Looking back, I was grieving the loss of the ‘old us’.

Eventually, she began to sleep through the night and we got a feeding/napping/feeding/pooping, etc schedule down. I found my groove with being a new mama. However, our marriage was different because we were different. We now had new roles, responsibilities, and priorities. We realized that for our marriage (and family) to be healthy, we needed to do a few things.

1. We learned to ask for what we needed and wanted from each other in supporting our new roles of mama and daddy. I am talking about the smallest of things some days. If you’ve read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, I became more of an “Acts of Service” kinda gal.

2. We made time for meaningful conversation. It was easy to sit in silence on the couch and zone out after a long day. Instead, we turned off all electronics and talked. We had a rule that we could only talk about our daughter for the first five minutes, then we had to stop.

3. I started to practice gratitude. I realized I would emotionally over-react when something happened outside of my control. This was causing tension in our marriage. It was not easy at first yet once I got into the swing of it, I noticed I was positive and happy. I could let things go easier and focus on the ‘now’.

Was it easy? No. Some days I wanted to run away and join the circus! But, I am extremely grateful for a fabulous husband who loved me through all of these crazy times. He told me, “we will get through this together,” more times than I can count. I am appreciative of supportive friends and mentors I have had in the past seven years. I want to encourage YOU to find your support – counselor, friend, spiritual advisor, mentor, coach – someone you trust and feel safe with in sharing your feelings. Thank you for reading and I hope something in my article resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook at Lisa Mustard, Change Agent or

AND!!! I am taking on new coaching clients and if you would like to learn more about how I help women live an abundant and more meaningful life, please send me a message. I would love to connect and see how I can help you reach your dreams.

My Magic Wand is Broken…Try This Technique Instead

My Magic Wand is Broken…Try This Technique Instead

Time and time again, I have worked with clients who come to me with the same question:

How do I change my husband, parent, child, coworker, boss, best friend, etc?

My answer is pretty simple and clear.

You can’t change other people; you do not have that power. What you do have power over is YOURSELF – your actions, your thoughts and your feelings. Really, you do.

all you can change

I know it is sometimes easier to blame others for our problems. But, it gets us nowhere fast. It usually creates tension, anger, frustration and fear in both parties. Instead of focusing on what someone else is doing or saying; I encourage you to take responsibility for what you can do (or think or say) differently.

When a client is new to this notion, I ask her to take the perspective of being in a movie. I ask her to view the relationship issue as a movie scene playing out in her head and then ask these questions:

  1. What is good about this situation?
  2. What is it here to teach me?
  3. What are the facts?
  4. What am I choosing to think about this situation?
  5. Who do I choose to be as I deal with this issue?
  6. How do I want to feel and what can I do to feel this way?
  7. What do I control over in this situation? What don’t I have control over?

Isn’t this is a better way? When you make the decision to stop trying to change others, you’re really making the decision to take responsibility for your life! How freeing!!

What do you think? I’m listening!

In health,



A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

Recently, I was asked what a typical day of my meals looks like so I recorded my eats for a few days. Truth be told, my days all look pretty similar. But, as I was keeping track, I realized it’s not really about what I eat each day or what body part I work. It’s about the consistency I maintain with my nutrition and workouts. It’s about the day in and day out of staying on my program and taking each meal and workout as they come.

You see, I talk with a lot of people who want to lose body fat and get in shape, which I believe are wonderful goals; because when we feel good about our physical selves, we tend to feel good emotionally and mentally. So, we spend time talking about what their meals need to look like and how much exercise they need to do. However, where I see people getting ‘tripped up’ is in the DOING. I truly understand this because I’ve been there. I believed if I ate on plan for a week, I SHOULD see my results. Well, imagine my disappointment when I saw nothing happen. The scale didn’t budge, my measurements stayed the same and my clothes weren’t any looser. UGH. I was DOING the right things. But I didn’t understand the idea of CONSISTENCY. (Well, I did but I really thought being consistent for a week was all it took!) For the majority of us, it takes anywhere from 3-8 (sometimes 10) weeks TO SEE AND FEEL those changes.


I had to get comfortable with the FACT it was going to take my body a few weeks to adjust to the changes I was making to my diet and exercise. I would not drop 3 lbs of body fat in a week and I would not be down a pants size either. I also adopted a mantra of “faith in the process”. I had seen hundreds of people transform their bodies and I knew if I stuck with it I would see changes too – just wasn’t sure of my timeline.

Here’s a look at my typical day of eating and exercise. What I believe is more telling, is that I eat and exercise like this 85-90% of the time:

4:45am – Wake up, out of bed, cup of coffee, check email and Facebook

5:00-5:30am – Post on Facebook, business and personal

5:35-6:20isham- Workout which includes heavy lifting and then a 15-20 minute run around the block (I literally run around our block, anywhere from 4-6 times) or 15 minutes of sprints.

6:30am- IsaleanPro shake

6:45-8:00am – shower, prep food cooler, get ready for work, get my 3.5 year old to preschool and head to the office

8:15- noon – WORK! Either in the office or out in the field meeting with consults; healthy snack around 10:00am, which is usually a HB egg and small apple

Noon-1:00pm – IsaleanPro shake, HUGE salad or serving of cruciferous veggies, plus two rice cakes or wasa crackers

1:00-4:45pm – Work more – office or in the field.

3:15 or 3:30pm – another HB egg, or plain non-fat Greek yogurt, or cheese stick plus another small piece of fruit or more crackers (see how routine I am?). If I’m not that hungry, I will have a few almonds and some cut up veggies. But more than likely I will have that protein source before I head to pick up my girls.

4:45-5:00pm – Wrap up the day; head out to pick up my children🙂

5:15-6:00pm – PARENTING scramble! I jest but this is the time of day when we get home, get homework done, start dinner, have a healthy snack (the girls are often STARVING so I give them veggies and dip during this time frame.)

6:15-6:45pm – Dinner. My formula for dinner is protein + veggies + starchy carb. When I focus on getting these macros in, everyone gets a balanced meal. We eat a lot of chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, beans, eggs, rice, potatoes, quinoa, etc.

After dinner, we get the girls cleaned up, watch a little tv, read books, and they go to bed by 8:00pm. If I am still hungry, I will have a scoop of Chocolate Isalean mixed with some stevia and water to make my ‘protein pudding’. It gives me about 12 g of protein and about 12 g of carbs which curbs my cravings and gives me my chocolate fix. Win win!

My husband and I head to bed by 9:00pm. We read a little and then, lights out!

And then, I wake up the next day and REPEAT! Now, don’t get me wrong, I still eat plenty of ‘fun’ foods. Since I eat on plan 85-90% of the time and continue to get my results, I ENJOY wine, brownies, frozen yogurt, etc. in that 15-10%. And I don’t sweat it if I overindulge because I know I will get right back on plan the next day.

So while I think it’s helpful to see what I (and others) eat on a typical day, what’s most important is YOU figuring out what YOUR nutritional needs are and THEN being CONSISTENT with them. We are all built differently, and you may need more or less calories than me – and that IS FINE!!

Be your own detective because this is about finding your formula to reach your goals. If you aren’t seeing results 3-8 weeks from your start, then re-evaluate what you are doing.

When I started my own detective work, I realized I needed more nutrients to fuel my body in reaching my goals. And from where I stood at that point in time, that meant I was looking at prepping even more protein, vegetables and whole grains during the course of a week. I was tired of seeing the kitchen more than my family so I went looking for an all natural, high quality protein supplement that would get me out of the kitchen. And I found it. You can learn more about the shakes I drink here. And if you decide to enroll with me, you not only get amazing support from Isagenix – you also GET ME AS YOUR COACH!!

I’d like you to think on these questions:

1. What are your goals?

2. What are you willing to change now to reach your goals?

3. How confident are you in YOURSELF you can make these necessary changes?

4. Where do you see yourself slipping or what obstacles do you think you may face as you work to change?

5. What strengths do you bring with you as you begin to make changes?

Drop me a note and let me know!

All my best,



Why August Means So Much To Me – Part Two

Why August Means So Much To Me – Part Two

Last week in a blog post, I mentioned there were two reasons why this month means so much to me. (You can find Part 1 here.) In this post, I will cover #2: the birth of my first daughter. I have tons of emotions wrapped up in this topic; it’s hard to know where to start.

My labor and delivery took 29 hours from start to finish. It was the hardest workout my body has ever been through and I would do it again in heartbeat. Once she was delivered, I forgot all about the back labor and contractions. I was in love with her and couldn’t believe we had created this teeny, tiny, beautiful baby. I was in awe of her and still am.

The day she was born was also my birth of becoming a mother. Sure, you can argue I became a mother the day we found out I was pregnant. And I agree, however, the difference being I was responsible for practicing healthy behaviors while pregnant – taking care of me, to take care of her. That all changed on August 24, 2008. She was now on the outside and I was responsible for her every need. (Now is a great time to tell you my husband shared in those newborn responsibilities. He bathed, clothed, fed, changed diapers too.)

I definitely struggled those first 6 weeks. While she was a healthy baby, as a typical newborn, she slept in spurts. I tried and tried to sleep while she slept yet it was hard for me to let go of my other housekeeping tasks. And to be 100% transparent here, I was a little resentful of how much care-taking time she took. I would feel sadness and love at the same time. I felt guilt and joy too. I was anxious about being away from her yet was desperate at times to leave the house and go anywhere! I truly felt crazy and had my share of mini breakdowns.

10 weeks old :)
10 weeks old🙂

Once she was sleeping through the night things did get a lot better. However, my resentment was still there. You know, there are many books on what to expect during pregnancy, and there is tons of information on the care and feeding of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children. Yet I don’t recall seeing one on the process of becoming a mother or how to cope with feelings after the birth of a child. (If you know of one, please let me know! I’d love to have something to refer to new mothers.)

I wanted MY time back. I wanted to pick up and GO like I was used to! It was very difficult to shift from selfish to self-less. I also felt guilty for feeling this way. I was seeing other new mamas who loved every little part of being a mom. I felt really out of place and alone. I didn’t want to admit my feelings to anyone.

Once again, I headed back to counseling. I immediately began to feel better. Being able to get my feelings out and process through my issues on expectations and meaning-making experiences from my childhood was the best medicine. I brought my husband to a few sessions so he could understand my perceptions and perspectives. Yes, counseling is a wonderful gift to give yourself and it makes me a better counselor too.

Flash forward to 6 years later..

Now, we have two daughters. My youngest is three and half and she adds to the joy and love in our family. My daughters are gifts from God and they make me a better person. I continue to keep a temperature reading on my emotional health – daily. If I’m not working on finding balance as a mama, wife, employee, coach, friend, daughter, etc., then I am doing my family a disservice. I am a big fan of all things Screamfree and one thing I’ve learned from their insights is this: if I don’t plan mini-retreats, then I find myself wanting to escape.


The three of us now!
The three of us now!

My mini-retreats are pretty simple: an hour alone at a coffee shop, a run on the weekends, lunch or a late night phone call with a friend. If I don’t have my time, I start planning my escape to some secluded island where it’s just me, the ocean, and tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas in them! However, I know that would get old after a while and I would get completely bored (but I think it would take about a week!). So these fantasies are fleeting…laughs I have with myself as I sit in traffic heading to preschool pick up.
As I sit here writing this, I am getting a little teary. It blows my mind I’ve been at this mama-thing for 6 years. I love it and wouldn’t trade this job for anything. August really is a roller-coaster ride of emotions for me. I can get teary-eyed as I watch my first grader brush her own hair, as my three and half year old dresses herself (sometimes it matches too!) and as they both yell “I love you Maaaamaaaa” as they head out the door.

As I wipe my eyes (I believe this is the fourth time I’m using a tissue while writing this post), I’d like to offer some ideas on finding your balance as a new mama:

* Therapy/counseling is a wonderful option. Find someone you like and feel safe talking to.

* Talk with your Pastor, Preacher, Minister, Rabbi, Spiritual Adviser.

* Talk with supportive friends and family members.

* Take time for yourself and engage in health promoting behaviors. Consider hiring a Personal Trainer, working with a Nutrition expert/coach, read self help books, go for a walk (fresh air helps so much!), join a gym, etc. Sometimes, feeling good on the outside can help you feel better on the inside.

* Spend time with your friends. Talk on the phone. See each other. (Get off FB and texting and have a REAL conversation).

* Talk with your husband/partner on what you need. Do not judge your emotions surrounding your needs…work on ways to getting your needs met, the healthy way.

* Consider hiring a COACH! I’ve worked with new mamas and parents/families in the Family Therapy context for years. Now, I’m moving more into coaching/behavior change. Contact me here.