Getting Started With Facebook Live

Would you like to explode your brand on social media? If so, let me share what has worked truly worked the best for me! It’s Facebook live and it has been the game changer. However when I first started, I was horrible. 

Yet I wanted to grow my personal brand so I kept at it. I began to create better content. I began to share more value. And when we have better content,,,we have better engagement. And when we have better engagement, we have our ideal customers reaching out and asking to work with us.

Your potential clients are crawling over social media looking for information to help them solve their problems. Why not let them find you easier?

It’s the fastest way to grow the know like and trust factors and on today’s solo episode, I share my best tips and advice for you to get started. 

Need some help in growing your personal brand? If so, then download my FREE app, Your Brand Buildr on the Apple Store and Google Play. I share all I know about how to create content for social media. 

Three episodes are now approved for continuing education contact hours. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are each approved by the SC Board of Counselors for 1 contact hour. Listen in between sessions, on your commute, while you workout..whenever you listen to podcasts. See my site

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