Virtual Reality Therapy For Kids and Young Adults With David Waltenbaugh

David Waltenbaugh is a Cofounder and the CEO of Root VR, a platform of therapeutic and educational virtual reality tools to promote and support pediatric, adolescent, and young adult mental health; helping children from adverse home environments to better adapt to change and ultimately become well-adjusted and highly contributing community members while also training and educating parents and caretakers to better understand and accommodate these children.

In addition to David’s specific work with Root VR, he is building a network of research partners, advisors and creatives/developers to further explore novel applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) in medicine, healthcare, therapy, and education with Media Plural, an immersive media production and strategy startup focused on VR-For-Good.

David and I met late last year when we were both finalists in the Inaugural Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni Pitch Competition. David’s pitch for Root VR took the grand prize.

His mission and vision for helping kids has been crystal clear in every conversation we’ve had and I’m excited to have him on the show so you can learn more about his therapeutic tools and how you can get involved. 

A really cool thing happened recently, the app, Hom (pronounced “Home”) by Root VR is now available for purchase on the Apple App Store and is coming to the Google Play Store as well. 

David is continually interested in partnering with clinicians and organizations on pilot programs in anticipation of the official commercial roll out later this year; anyone who is interested can contact us at!

Connect with David on LinkedIn.

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