How to Grow Your Email List Fast with Lisa Mustard

This is a fun and exciting topic and I’m always up for sharing what’s working not just for me when it comes to marketing my offers but what’s working for others.


Hang out in any therapist facebook group and you’ll see the question – how are you marketing your courses, services, products, etc and is it working? Well, I guess we should define what ‘working’ means first. Working to me is this – are my marketing efforts giving me leads – are they generating new people onto my email marketing lists? Then the next part of defining working – are these leads buying what i’m offering? 

So if your efforts aren’t generating leads, then I’d say your marketing isn’t working. 

Now of course there are tons of ways to market what it is that you do and if you are just getting started with growing your private practice, I’m going to encourage you to listen to podcasters and bloggers that focus on just that. While I think you’ll get some good ideas from this episode, you’re probably best served by those who specialize in growing a practice. You can listen to episode 26 with Kate and Katie of the Private Practice Start Up where they chat about growing a business you love. There are so many clinicians out there who help with starting a private practice, it’s not hard to find information nowadays. 

This episode is more for those clinicians who might be considering coaching, offering a course, selling an ebook or book, promoting a product or perhaps you’re unsure. But you hear all the time that the money is in your email list so you are wanting to start one and I am here to say go for it! I wish I had started sooner!

Let’s talk about what’s working for me right now plus so many others out there. 

Here is my marketing funnel:

Create a Quiz, promote the quiz, leads join my email list and now I’m making sales. Currently I have 2 quizzes  – one titled what podcast should you create and the other is what is your activewear personality style?  

The questions I ask allow me to find out where my audience sits on these topics and then when I have their responses I can create emails that address the topics and issues they want more information on. 

It’s been a great way to both grow my list and then serve my audience in a more specific (and fun) way.

Create your quiz, yes you can promote it on your social media channels but I highly recommend putting some marketing dollars behind it and run ads too. Once they take your quiz, they are on your email list. You’ll want to set up your initial follow up email series so once someone takes your quiz they start receiving your emails. This initial email series is a way for you to greet them and start nurturing the relationship. 

I’m not an expert on email marketing but I have been at it for a few years and my best emails come when I’m working to nurture the relationship with my audience as well as serve them with valuable information. I used to dread emailing my list but since I’ve changed my approach I really look forward to crafting my emails and engaging with those on my list.

Now that I have my email list up and running and I’m nurturing the list and relationships, I make my offers. I’m not selling to them in each email – I’m offering a lot of free information and I’m also reminding them I have coaching packages too. 

I’ve learned that email marketing is part strategy, part engagement, another part consistency and a dash of fun. I had so many doubts about starting an email list but I’m so glad I started! 

Want to get a taste of what I’m talking about? You can take my quizzes here and here and see how I email my lists. Honestly I believe quizzes are a hidden secret for online marketing – don’t delay in getting yours going today.

I use Smart Quiz Builder which is a website plug in. There is a one time licensing fee cost (not a monthly fee like most quiz sites out there) and the quizzes are hosted on my website, not someone else’s. You can create all types of quizzes and it’s very easy to use. (This is coming from someone who’s afraid I will blow up my site if I hit the wrong button.) It’s very user friendly and has stunning templates that will allow you to create quizzes that stand out.

It’s been a gamechanger for growing my email lists. 

Ok so maybe now you’re considering creating a quiz to grow your email list. The sky’s the limit with what kinds of quizzes you can create. I recommend reverse engineering what you want to accomplish…want to offer coaching services? Want to sell your products? What type of quiz would help you get your ideal customer on your list? Create it and grow your email list!

If you love this marketing idea yet feel a little overwhelmed, I get it. Want to talk it over with someone who’s been in your shoes and has felt a little lost and confused on how to move forward with pivoting your skill set? Then book a free 20 minute consultation with me. Let’s talk and see if I can help you figure out which way to go with your ideas. Link to book the call is here.

I hope you enjoyed this episode! More to come on quiz creation and how to drive traffic to them on future episodes. 

Looking for an email marketing provider? I use Aweber. 

I hope you enjoy this episode! If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider leaving me a 5 star rating and review and don’t forget to subscribe to the show.

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