Health Insurance Made Simple With Kym Tolson

Kym Tolson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and a Certified Hypnotherapist and she’s taken her business completely online.

Kym knew she wanted to travel more so she figured out how she could see clients while visiting countries all over the world. And nowadays she has a thriving online, insurance-based, therapy practice. Yet she is the first to admit learning to have an online therapy practice and take insurance was a steep learning curve. Because of this, Kym saw a need to develop a course to help other clinicians learn how to take insurance in their private practice. 

And on this week’s episode Kym shares tips for getting started with insurance panels, things to consider when looking to be credentialed, and the pros and cons of taking insurance.

Kym built this course, so you would have a one-stop place to guide you through the process of setting up your practice for insurance billing WITHOUT having to do all the research and leg work she had to in order to get going! This course is a start to finish insurance billing course. It walks you through credentialing all the way to becoming a billing master! This course is for brick and mortar practices as well as a special emphasis on taking your practice all online. And she’s giving you 25% off!

Insurance Billing for Private Practice and Telehealth 25% off discount for the course:

Grab the Free Guide On How To Bill Insurance For Teleheath:

Join Kym’s Facebook group – We have a great support system. We are building with therapists who are billing insurance for telehealth, including an updated spreadsheet of all the companies that allow billing for telehealth by state. Join us here:

Kym’s website

Hypnosis App for iphone:

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As talk therapists, we all need continuing education contact hours to remain in good standing with our licensing boards – every 2 years here in South Carolina, I need 40 hours of CEUs. 

My guess is that you need something similar.

Over the years I have attended many many workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, etc etc. and honestly they aren’t always the most convenient nor that’s why I’ve created continuing education Podcourses. 

Let me take a minute to explain how they work. 

First of all, what is a podcourse?

A podcourse is the word I use to describe podcast + self study course. Each podcourse counts for one continuing education contact hour.

All podcourses include the podcast,  a self study quiz, evaluation form and certificate of completion. 

To buy a podcourse, click buy podcourse, then scroll down the page to see the learning objectives, presenters bio and course outline. Then click buy podcourse about half way down this screen. You will then be asked to submit your payment.

Then you will have access to the podcast, self study quiz and evaluation. Once you pass the self study quiz you can download your certificate of completion. 

My hope is that the Podcourses save you your valuable time (no need to sit at your desk and watch, you can listen when you want!)

However, You don’t have to buy the podcourse to listen to the podcast and get the information. The podcast is available for you anytime, anywhere. Just head to the tab that says The Therapy Show. 

But if you want the continuing education contact hour, you will need to purchase the quiz, pass it and download your certificate of completion. Be sure to hold on to that certificate for your records!  Your Board may want to see it one day! 

And you can get your first podcourse for free! Simply fill out the form on my website and I”ll email you over  a code that you can enter into checkout for a free continuing education contact hour. 

I hope you enjoy the show! Happy Listening!

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