Fat Loss After 40 – The Habits That Will Help You Reach Your Goals with Kim Jefferson

When you turned 40 did you feel like your body gave you the finger? Because that happened to this episode’s guest, Kim Barnes Jefferson. She knows what it’s like. She’s been in your shoes. You feel like you’ve been dieting for what feels like forever and you are OVER IT! 

Here’s the truth: We’ve all been programmed to believe that in order to lose weight, get fit, get healthy, you have to rigidly follow some particular program, meal plan or diet. Uggh!! You’ve believed for years that there is some magic blueprint program that you need to follow PERFECTLY if you want to have any results.

Kim understands as she spent years searching for that same damn plan only to find that she held the keys to the plan the entire time. In this Midlife Magic episode, Kim breaks it all down for us. She shares the keys to reaching our goals and the habits we need to create.

And if you can’t take another Body Pump class, down another green juice or spend one more minute sweating it out on cardio, then you’ll want to grab her Over 40 Healthy Living Guide: https://kimbarnesjefferson.lpages.co/over40guide

Connect with Kim: 

IG: kimjeffersoncoach 

Facebook: kimbarnesjeffersoach,coach 


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