Anti-Aging Hacks With Faraz Khan

On this episode of Midlife Magic, my guest is Faraz Kahn, host of the Anti Aging Hacks podcast. Faraz started his podcast so he could help his parents be healthier and more active so that they could enjoy fun experiences together and fulfill some of his mom’s dreams of traveling the world. He began researching ways and hacks to slow down the aging process. He started attending conferences on health and anti-aging; listening to podcasts and reading published scientific studies and a plethora of books.

And what he learned was amazing. He discovered that over the past 15 years, all the scientific advancements, studies of older populations and a vastly improved understanding of our biology, have resulted in exciting information on how to slow down the aging process today – and turn back our biological clock by many years, and get back the energy, skin, hormones we had many years ago.

Furthermore, there are very promising developments unfolding over the next 5-10 years that may make diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes a thing of the past. We will be living like our much younger selves full or radiance, vigor and energy.

And so his podcast was born. He shares the latest and best information on how to slow down and even reverse your aging. Every week, he interviews a renowned and published expert on a certain topic in the exciting world of Anti-Aging and Longevity. 

Imagine getting the best and most current, anti-aging and longevity expert advice in the world for FREE and in a simple way that you can follow along! Faraz hopes you will join him in understanding that making 60 the new 30 may no longer have to be just a silly catchphrase. 

In addition to his podcast he is now hosting The Anti-Aging Summit to answer one question: How Do You Build A Healthy Body, A Sharp Mind, Have All-Day Energy, Look Good Naked, And Have Beautiful Skin and Hair…Even As You Age? 

The summit is taking place Dec 14-16 and will have 20+ health and anti-aging experts and it’s FREE! Head here to sign up for this FREE summit.

Are you ready to hear his top anti aging tips? Let’s go!

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