Where to Spend Your Time in Each Phase of Building and Growing Your Private Practice with Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok is one of the OGs of private practice launching and he’s one of the first I listened to when I was considering starting my own private practice. And while I've shared with you all that private practice isn’t for me, Joe has influenced and inspired me in more ways than just that. Before I started the Therapy Show, I listened to 100s of episodes of Joe’s podcast, the Practice of the Practice before I ever hit record. And Joe has been an encouragement and supporter of my podcast and vision from the start.

I am excited to have him back on the podcast and in this episode he’s going to be sharing some wisdom and advice on where to spend your time in each phase of building and growing your private practice. So if you’re in the beginning stages of starting a solo practice or you’re well on your way to adding that next clinician to your group practice, this episode has something for anyone.

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