Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue With Joe Sanok

After about 10 years of being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I started to dream about using my skill set in differently. I was curious about other ways I could bring in an income. My first idea was to be a contractor for an online therapy company. I applied and was accepted went through the training and orientation. And when I was finally on-boarded, the clients started to come in. I quickly built up a full schedule as a part time counselor. I enjoyed the work yet I was on the computer and my phone A LOT. I was missing time with my family and it finally hit me that I didn’t want to trade my precious family time for work anymore. 

I decided to resign after about 9 months. I had my time back but I didn’t have the money! And being a little burnt out, I decided the extra income would need to come from something else, not therapy related. I began to look at my other interests of fitness, living an active lifestyle, my love of active wear...and I found something new that would challenge my skills.

This time around I was able to work this business in the pockets of my days and have quality time with my family. (If you’re curious to learn more about this opportunity then head to, click on active wear.)

But it also got me thinking of other ways to build passive or residual income like affiliate marketing, podcast sponsorships and speaking engagements. I didn’t know much about these things so I turned to my friend Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice. He’s been able to create additional streams of revenue through affiliate marketing, consulting, creating conferences and speaking.

And he’s here this week to talk about how we therapists can diversify our income streams and utilize our counselor strengths and skills to make more money.

He gives practical tips and ideas on getting started, ethical issues to consider, creating memberships, ecourses, and why we need to really know our audience’s pain points before we even start creating products for them. Plus he shares details on his upcoming conferences and how he helps therapists launch their private practices. 

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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