What Makes a Good Therapist? with Lisa Mustard

Recently, I was asked the question, what makes a good therapist? I’m sharing my list in this episode.

The qualities and skills that make a good therapist are crucial in facilitating effective and impactful therapeutic outcomes. A good therapist demonstrates empathy, actively listens to their clients, and maintains a non-judgmental attitude, creating a safe and trusting environment. Trustworthiness, effective communication, and adaptability are also essential, as they allow therapists to tailor their approach to meet individual client needs. Emotional intelligence, cultural competence, and a commitment to lifelong learning contribute to the therapist's ability to navigate diverse client experiences. Additionally, self-awareness and self-care are important for therapists to maintain their own well-being and provide optimal support. Ultimately, a good therapist establishes a strong therapeutic alliance with clients, fostering growth, and facilitating positive change in a compassionate and supportive manner.

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