An Honest Conversation on Therapist Burnout & Self Care with Rachel Altvater Psy.D., RPT-S

Today, we’re talking about an issue that affects many in the mental health field - therapist burnout. As therapists, we're trained to help others and support them through their struggles, but what happens when the support we offer takes a toll on our own mental and emotional well-being? In this episode, Dr Rachel Altvater joins me to share her experiences with burnout and offer practical tips for avoiding and overcoming it. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on the important topic of therapist burnout.

Dr. Rachel Altvater (Psy.D., RPT-S™) is an award-winning, pioneering expert, leader, researcher, international trainer, author, and supervisor in the field of play therapy. She is a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, and she holds national certifications as a Registered Play Therapist–Supervisor™ and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is the owner of Creative Psychological Health Services, co-owner of North Star Creations, past president of the Maryland/DC Association for Play Therapy, editorial advisory board member for the International Journal of Play Therapy®, advisory board member for Digital Play Therapy™ and AscendantVR, clinical consultant and content creator for Cognitive Leap, and instructor for Hopscotch. Dr. Altvater authored the book Perspective: Contemplating the Complexities of Our Realities, published her research in the International Journal of Play Therapy on technology use in play therapy, and is a contributing author in numerous scholarly texts on implementing digital technologies in play therapy practice.

I also want to share that Rachel has just published a book titled -  Perspective: Contemplating the Complexities of Our Realities This psychological, self-insight ‘think book’ aims to shed light on the complexities of human perspective. Each person filters their perceptions and reality through their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The method in which we view the world, ourselves, and one another varies person to person. While humans have commonalities, each person is truly unique; no two people have the same structure within which they perceive and evaluate their lived experiences. A vast array of perspectives adds immense depth and opportunity for growth as a species; however, human beings in our polarized society often struggle to empathize with or understand one another. Deep rooted human injustices and suffering combined with ignorance to and invalidation of others’ lived experiences exacerbates misunderstanding and division. This makes reaching a unified ground exceptionally challenging.

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