Your Focus Determines Your Direction With Dr. Seth Scott

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In this podcourse, Lisa interviews Seth Scott, PhD, NCC, LPC, LPC-S and he presents “Your Focus Determines Your Direction” with an explanation of the philosophical conception of the topic and then the practical personal and clinical implications moving forward for counselors. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss and define the role of attention and attending to thinking, feeling, and behavior
  • Discuss and illustrate strategies for effective counselor wellness for self and modeling for others
  • Explain the role of counselor identity on wellness and practice

You can access the slide deck here.

About Seth L. Scott, PhD, NCC, LPC, LPC-S:
Dr. Scott joined the Graduate Counseling Program faculty of Columbia International University in 2019 as an Associate Professor. He teaches primarily in the Clinical Counseling program in areas of research and practice and is an active member and participant of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS) and American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Seth has multiple publications and presentations exploring issues of professional identity and the process of integration in Christian counseling. He also maintains a private practice, Sunrise Counseling, for both clinical work and supervision in the community. Before joining CIU, he was a Professor of Counseling Psychology at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa from 2012-2019. Seth’s wife, Jen, runs her own small business as a full-time potter, Sunset Studio Pottery, and their children, Suzie and Caleb, are both middle school students at Ben Lippen School in Columbia. You can learn more about Dr Scott here:

About Lisa: Lisa Mustard, MPH, EdS, LMFT is a talk therapist. She has worked for a college counseling center, addiction recovery center and has been working with a military branch for the past 10 years. Lisa is a lover of all things fitness and health, an app creator, personal branding consultant and Podcaster.

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Completion Requirements:

To obtain your certificate of completion, you must listen entirely to the audio, pass the podcourse completion quiz and complete a satisfaction survey. 

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Course Timeline:

  • 10 mins Introduction and backgrounds
  • 15 mins Discussion of focus, attention, awareness and direction
  • 15 mins Discussion of strategies to shift to a wellness model 
  • 15 mins Discussion of measuring growth, self assessment and goal setting
  • 10 mins Discussion of forming healthy habits
  • 10 mins Questions and Answers

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Disclosure Statement for Seth Scott; Financial: Seth Scott receives a speaking honorarium from Mustard Consulting LLC.

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