Using Meditation & Ayurvedic Life Coaching as Tools in Your Practice with Linda Lauretta, LCSW

Curious about meditation yet unsure how to start? I was! So I went straight to an amazing source on the topic. Linda Lauretta, LCSW shares her story on discovering meditation, Eastern philosophies and on starting her own Ayurvedic treatment. She fell in love with the therapies and decided to pursue a 5 month training in India so she could learn how to incorporate it into her psychotherapy work.

I hope you enjoy this episode where I interview Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Linda Lauretta, and she presents how to use meditation and Ayurvedic life coaching in your practice.  


Explain Ayurvedic principles and its use within psychotherapy.

Describe the benefits of body-centered counseling.

Compare and contrast mindfulness practices with traditional talk therapies.

Explain the importance of bringing self awareness into treatment in modeling same for clients.

About Linda: Linda Lauretta is a licensed clinical social worker and has been in practice for over 22 years specializing in the treatment of anxiety related disorders and mindfulness.  A strong proponent of traditional healing systems, she has studied abroad and received certifications in Ayurvedic medicine and incorporates this into her therapeutic approach toward lifestyle coaching.  Alongside her counseling, she has been active in promoting human rights causes through her work with the United Nations and various peace organizations using dialogue and conflict resolution. Linda has been a practitioner of meditation since 1989 and provides instruction in meditative exercises as well as using mindfulness to help clients reach a deeper level of self understanding.   

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About Lisa: Lisa Mustard, MPH, EdS, LMFT is a talk therapist, lover of all things fitness and health, app creator, personal branding consultant and Podcaster.

Additional Information:

Podcast Timeline:

10 mins Introduction and backgrounds

15 mins Describing meditation and mindfulness

15 mins Describing Ayurveda and principles

15 mins Discussion of body centered therapy

10 mins Describing Lifestyle coaching and Ayurveda

10 mins Questions and Answers

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