Understanding Antisemitism on College Campuses with David Halahmy

This episode provides valuable insights into the complex issue of antisemitism on college campuses, offering historical context and practical advice for understanding and addressing this critical topic. I speak with Professor David Halahmy, a history professor with 27 years of experience, currently teaching at Cypress College.
In this episode we discuss:
Professor Halahmy's Background and his YouTube channel, "History for the Ages."
Antisemitism on College Campuses
Holocaust Education
Challenges in College Environments
Social Media and Misinformation
Recommendations for Parents and Therapists.

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David's Resources:
David's facebook page is also called History for the Ages: Facebook
Check out his Teachers Pay Teachers page where he sells his unit studies: David and History for the Ages Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teacher
Although David sells more of his unit studies directly through his Facebook and email because they are much more expensive on TPT. He suggests going to his TPT site to see what he has availabe and then email him davidandhistoryfortheages@gmail.com and he can give you a better price

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This episode is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with your therapist or a professional for specific advice related to your situation.