The Multi Passionate Therapist

Are you a talk therapist with many interests? Well if so, welcome to the club! Pull up a chair and get comfortable. Today’s episode is dedicated to our peers who enjoy what they do yet also feel called to other things. My guest, Dr. Bryan Fox, shares his story and how he has carved out a career in addiction recovery and performance consulting. He also gives practical tips for getting started in pursuing your passions. 

Bryan is the Director of Special Projects and Manager of the Adolescent Recovery Center at Prisma Health. He has 24 years of clinical experience working with adults and adolescents in both inpatient and outpatient behavioral care treatment settings. Currently, his focus is on the creation of a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment center for adolescents.  

Recently, Bryan started Fox Performance Consulting where he specializes in helping athletes, musicians, and performing artists elevate their performance by building and strengthening mental skills through the use of Positive Psychology, mindfulness based interventions and established sport psychological methods. 

You can connect with him at Fox Performance Consulting on facebook. 

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