The Headless Way With Richard Lang

Richard first saw who he really was in 1970, in a workshop with Douglas Harding, author of On Having No Head. Since then he has continued exploring and sharing this direct way of awakening, leading hundreds of workshops around the world. Richard is co-ordinator of the Shollond Trust, a UK charity founded to share the philosophy and practical awareness exercises or the experiments that Douglas Harding created. Richard’s aim is to share the experience and meaning of who we really are as widely as possible. 

My husband, Billy, joins me on this interview as he is the one who has turned me on to this self exploration process. 

We had such a wonderful chat with Richard on how he found the Headless Way.  He walks us through a few experiments on helping us see who we really are and what Billy and I have discovered is this truth: once you see what you are at center, then getting into the habit of living consciously from this boundless, timeless space can be effortless. 

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