The Best Tips For Starting A Side Gig With Melvin Varghese PhD

Before we jump into this week’s episode I have a few things I want to share with you:

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2. My friend Sarah Leitschuh is doing a really neat thing. She creates virtual work sessions for therapists. The sessions are coworking sessions where you have 2 hours to work on the task of your choosing with structured support and accountability. The sessions happen on zoom and they are a lot of fun plus you’ll get stuff done and connect with some amazing people.

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Melvin Varghese is a psychologist, husband, and proud founder of Selling the Couch podcast and blog. He admits he is a total nerd when it comes to marketing and social media. 

He’s invested hundreds of hours in seeing what works and what doesn’t. And along the way he shares his insights with the community he has created. He has been able to design a life he loves and doesn’t need a vacation from. 

In this episode he shares what it was like to start his podcast, how he figured out how to monetize it, why he decided to step away from clinical work, and his best tips to help you create your side gig.

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