Step By Step To Creating Multiple Income Streams With Nicole Liloia

Before I jump into the intro for this episode, I wanted to share something that’s been brewing within me for a while.

When I began podcasting, I wanted to focus on talk therapy topics and issues yet I’m also really passionate about another topic.  And that is helping women live their best lives as they move into mid life. You may or may not know that when I hit 40, that’s when I made the decision to start living my life differently. So for the past 7 years i’ve worked to live more authentically and congruentally 

And now I want to start bringing this information to the podcast! I’m lining up guests that will not only inspire you to see mid life differently but will also bring you the know how to do so.

I’m unsure yet if I will start a whole new podcast or rebrand this one. Podcasts are a lot of work and it’s just me right now behind the scenes (well except for my audio engineer and editor, Laura and my website developer, Michael) so creating and producing 2 separate podcasts feels overwhelming yet also at the same time it feels possible. Right now I’m just hanging out in the land of possibilities. I hope you stay tuned to see and hear the upcoming shifts in my podcast world!

Ok so let me tell you about this week’s episode! I’m talking with Nicole Liloia.

She's a Business Coach & Strategist, who works with women entrepreneurs to help take charge of their business, money, and life so they can achieve bigger profits and even bigger impact.

She knows that running a business can get complicated when you’re doing it on your own, but she’s here to help you simplify things so you can reach your goals faster without burning out.

If you’re anything like me, you may doubt yourself and what you’re doing from time to time but Nicole knows you were made for this and she’s excited to help you expand to the next level of your journey.

And in this episode she gives tips and advice on how to go from idea to implementation!  She talks all about developing relationships, creating email lists, building your audience, group coaching, online courses, and much more. I learned so much from our talk and hope you do too! 

Grab Nicole’s Multiple Income Stream Guide for Therapists: 10 Ways to Make More Money here:

Learn more about her:

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