Pivoting And Shifting Your Talk Therapist Skill Set With Jonathan Van Viegen

This episode is really more like a virtual coffee talk between friends, who also happen to be talk therapists. Jonathan Van Viegen currently resides in Japan and I live in South Carolina and while we may be miles apart, we’ve been able to grow a friendship and professional relationship. We connect on many levels as we’re both parents, spouses, talk therapists and we’re also entrepreneurs who have chosen to build our businesses on line and through the power of technology.

In this episode we talk about a lot of different ideas with the focus being how to pivot and shift your career with your talk therapist skill set. We cover:

  • Content creation and what really works
  • Using video to grow your audience
  • Using your talk therapy skills in other ways
  • Why talk therapists may want to consider coaching
  • How you can network and grow relationships on social media
  • And so much more!

This is unedited and as real we get! You can also find the zoom recording of this interview on my Facebook page.

We hope you find value and feel free to join his group to get in on his upcoming trainings.

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