Navigating Screen Time and Strengthening Family Connections with Andrea Davis

We dive into the world of screen time management and its impact on families with Andrea Davis, a former secondary ed teacher turned screen-time-navigator. Andrea is the founder of Better Screen Time and shares invaluable insights and family-tested ideas from her own experiences as a mom of five.

Andrea takes us on her personal journey, explaining how she transitioned from teaching to becoming a trusted expert in navigating screen time. Her passion for helping parents worry less about technology and connect more with their children shines through as she provides practical tips and strategies.

Andrea discusses the importance of striking a balance between embracing technology and maintaining healthy family relationships. She offers effective techniques for parents to establish boundaries, promote digital well-being, and manage common challenges associated with screen time. With her certification from the Digital Wellness Institute, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast.

Join us in this enlightening episode as Andrea Davis guides us through the maze of screen time, empowering parents to create a tech-healthy family while strengthening connections with their children.

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