Is it Time for a Change? How to Start Something New in 2023 with Lisa Mustard - a Put into Practice Episode

Are you ready for a change? Feeling a pull to start something new in 2023? Maybe it’s a new career? Or a side business? Or maybe you’ve thought about going back to school? Or even a new hobby?

But what if you're ready for a change and don't know how to make one? Or perhaps just the idea of starting something new makes you worried or anxious?

Well, then this episode is for you! I share the best way I know to get started on the steps you need to take as you get ready to decide what's next for you.

It starts with the understanding the thoughts you are telling yourself and then you need to identify your core values. If you don’t identify the drivers behind wanting a change, you will give up or stop pursuing your new idea when the going gets tough. 

The questions I mention in the episode:

What is important to you? 

What do you hold near and dear to your heart?

What ideas get you excited?

If time and money were of no issues to you, how would you spend your day?

What do you yearn for when you consider your future?

What brings you joy?

Where do you find your energy?

This is my last Put It Into Practice Episode for 2022 - look for new episodes in 2023!