How To Write Content That Converts To New Clients

Are you stuck in a rut on what to share on social media? Feeling a little uninspired perhaps? Need some ideas and something to spark your creativity? If you’re nodding your head and saying yessss..then today’s episode is for you!

Danielle Cevallos is an incredible content creator and copywriter. How do I know? I recently hired her to write copy for an ad I placed in the Low Country Mental Health Conference program guide. She asked me a couple of questions and within days she had a few options for me to choose from.

What I realized in this process is this -  It’s not so much about our clinical jargon. It's not so much about the initials after our names. It’s more about how we solve problems for our ideal customers. Danielle had me get super clear on what I wanted the outcome to be. And from there, she wrote excellent ad copy!

If you’re wanting to get better at your content creation, then this episode is a gold mine of advice and tips. Danielle breaks down how you can talk to your audience, how to build your content out, and why being consistent, authentic and transparent on social media can do amazing things for your business.

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