How To Pivot Your Therapist Skill Set & Create A Membership Group

As a recovering people pleaser, Cathleen Bearse knows all to well what it’s like to let her self care go to the wayside. So when she decided to start a blog on self care she really was just looking for a way to communicate what she was learning and implementing when it came to setting boundaries, taking time for herself and recharging her batteries. Along the way, she received amazing responses from her readers and this encouraged her to create her membership group, Self Care Bestie. 

Listen in to learn how Cathleen pivoted her skill sets and created a celebrated community of women who are wanting to live their best and most authentic lives.  

We also talk about why showing up authentically and consistently on social media is important, how to cultivate a community, and how to get started with creating a membership group.

And It’s working! She’s helping even more people with accessible  and budget friendly options for mental health! 

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