How to Move Through Burnout and Compassion Fatigue with Sherry Collier

Today's episode is dedicated my talk therapists friends who have experienced or are experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue. (This is a topic I know too well as I hit it about 18 months ago.)

I seriously don't think we talk enough about it in our profession, so when I connected with Sherry Collier and we began chatting, I was excited to learn she too had been through this and she was very open about her story and journey. I knew I wanted to bring her onto the show.

Sherry Collier is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and  Expressive Arts Therapist turned Life & Business Coach. She started Women Who Thrive, a community for creative women who want to heal their burnout and create something new with their re-discovered passion. Sherry coaches therapists, creatives, and other caring professionals through the burnout recovery phase and into the new life work they want to create.

Connect with Sherry on her website.

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