How to Live More Consciously with Jenny Jansen

This week’s guest is Jenny Jansen, LISW-CP and Certified Adult Chair® Master Coach. In this episode she shares about her journey and how she made the leap from state agency employee to opening up her private practice plus so much more!

Jenny has always had a passion for helping and relating to others in vulnerable and meaningful ways, as she has walked through her own journey of healing and self-awareness. She truly believes we were never meant to do life alone, inspiring her to demonstrate unconditional acceptance and emotional safety for all she meets. She uses a unique blend of tools and techniques, both from her mental health and coaching background, to guide clients into a deeper understanding of themselves and how they relate to the world around them. She helps her clients cultivate radical self-awareness to help them connect to their inner knowing so they can create and manifest the life they desire. Jenny sees individual clients, couples, and families virtually on the local and international level. She currently lives in South Carolina with her dog, Abby. You can learn more about her at

Listen to Jenny's interview on The Adult Chair Podcast with Michelle Chalfant: How to Work with and Tame the Inner Critic

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