How to Build an Online Group Therapy Practice with Dr. Lisa Lovelace - Encore Episode

It’s the middle of summer and we have so much going on! I decided to take my own summer break for a couple of weeks. Instead of bringing you new content I'm bringing back a handful of my most listened to episodes. But don’t worry, I'm working on new interviews that will come out at the end of July and into August.

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About this encore episode:

Have you thought about creating a group therapy practice? What about an Online group practice? If so then I think you’ll enjoy this episode. It originally came out in 2020 but the information shared is still relevant today! 

Dr. Lisa Lovelace shares how she got started with an online group therapy practice, what her practice looks like and how she now helps others create and grow their online group therapy practices. 

She is the founder and owner of Synergy eTherapy, which is an online mental health counseling website where you can choose from one of their highly-skilled, independent mental health and addiction therapists who offer high-quality, professional counseling on the go, on your time! 

Lisa had an idea for an online practice back in 2012 and decided to go for it. She is a pioneer in the online practice world and in today's episode she shares how she got started, resources for getting going with online therapy, the pros and cons of online therapy, and tips for marketing your practice.

Be sure to connect with Lisa if you want to learn more about her online practice. Connect with her on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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