How Therapists Can Identify and Engage Their Target Audience with Rebekah Hudson

In this episode, we are diving deep into a topic that is not only pivotal for therapists but is the linchpin for any successful practice - discovering and marketing to your Target Audience.

In our professional journey, understanding who we are speaking to, who we are trying to help, and who we want to attract is paramount. But the path to identifying your ideal client isn’t always clear-cut, is it? That’s where today’s episode comes into play.

We'll kick things off by demystifying what a 'target audience' really is, and we’re not stopping at definitions! We’ll explore real-world examples and dissect the subtle, yet crucial differences between your scope of practice, niche, target, and ideal client.

Moving forward, we’ll delve into the 'why' - why having a well-defined target audience is not just beneficial, but essential to the growth and sustainability of your practice. We’ll navigate through the target analogy and discuss a couple of exceptions where having a Target Audience might not be the recommended route.

And of course, the meat of our discussion will revolve around the 'how'. How do you, as therapists and coaches, discover your target audience? How do you sift through the universal to find the unique – The 'Universal You' to be precise? We’ll explore strategic questions and methods to not only identify but also connect deeply with your Target Audience.

This journey is not one you need to embark on alone. For those of you seeking a helping hand, Rebekah Hudson is here to assist. With her expertise as a marketing professional and copywriter, specializing in the mental health industry, she offers consulting services to help you identify and narrow down your Target Audience. And for those who need a wordsmith to craft organic, SEO-friendly copy that resonates with your audience, Rebekah is just a message away. Learn more about Rebekah here

So, buckle up as we navigate through the nuances of target audiences, ensuring your message not only reaches the right ears but also, profoundly connects and converts. Let’s dive in!

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