Healing from Within: The Basics of Internal Family Systems with Dr. Richard C. Schwartz and Moshe Norman, LCSW

This is quite a unique episode. It’s about an hour-long conversation that Dr. Richard Schwartz, the founder of Internal Family Systems, had with a group of mental health clinicians. He’s sharing his IFS model and taking questions from the group. The group is Mondays with Moshe, and you’ll hear from its creator, Moshe Norman, in just a few minutes. But I wanted to tell you a few things about the episode before you get to the main content.

This is a recording of a live conversation. The audio at times isn’t the best. However, it’s clear enough that you should be able to make out what is being said and asked. Dr Scwartz’s audio is great but some of the audio from the group is a little fuzzy or just not so clear.

The group is composed of mental health clinicians who are mainly Jewish so you may hear some phrases or words that you aren’t familiar with however the content shared is definitely clinical and not from a religious perspective. If you’re unsure of what something means or you’re curious to learn more, feel free to reach out to me at lisa@lisamustard.com.

And one more thing, the information provided is solely for educational purposes and should not be a substitute for any work you are doing with your doctor or therapist.

Want to sign up for Mondays with Moshe? Send an email to mnormanlcsw@gmail.com and ask to be a part of the group.

View the Mondays with Moshe Youtube channel here.

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