Heal Your Relationship Trauma with Christian Jackson, LPC, LPC-S, The Daddy Issues Expert

Hey friends, I have some news! I’ve expanded my services and offerings under the The Therapy Show umbrella and am helping therapists escape burnout! How do you ask? Well the details are coming out in my next episode but I’ll spill the tea a little bit right now. How do I help you with your burnout? Well many of you are sharing with me that you’d like to cut back on the hours you are seeing clients and spend more time selling your products. But you don’t know how to really make that happen.

Now I’ve been there and know this feeling well and I had to make the decision on how to handle it..and you all know one of the ways I handled it was to put my energy and time into creating this podcast and ultimately from the podcast, a passive income stream.

But I did it backwards. I created the podcast first with really no clear path to monetization. Instead I should have known what my passive income product was going to be first, create that product first and then base my podcast around that product!

Think about that. Having a podcast that specifically drives traffic to your passive income products. A podcast that is evergreen and found by new listeners day after day. Those listeners then head to your website to learn more about your courses or services. 

Would you be excited about that? New ears finding you every day? New customers purchasing your books, your courses, your webinars..whatever it is you are selling. 

Podcasting is a perfect way to market your products. Let’s face it, that's usually the number one reason why people want to come onto my show. To pitch to my audience.

Well, let's create your own podcast where you are the expert, you share the value, you share the advice and help. Then from there they head to your website to purchase your products.

Stop trying to get on other peoples podcasts and create your own. And that’s what I’m going to teach you very soon. So stay tuned!

Christian Jackson is a trauma specialist who works with women who are feeling a lot like she once was: overwhelmed, lost, and full of pride. You will learn practical ways to snap out of the haze of existing and begin learning and using tools to slow down the racing thoughts, get better sleep, examine unhealthy habits, reevaluate your relationships, and set boundaries

She is the author of Daddy Issues: How to Detangle from the Sins of Our Fathers and Daddy Issues: How to Detangle From the Sins of Our Fathers Workbook & Journal. She also has a course called, The Grace Academy: Learn the blueprint to healing from relationship traumas. Plus her podcast is coming out soon.

She is also a wife and mom with a busy and booming private practice here in Columbia SC.

In this episode Christian chats about how she discovered her niche, what daddy issues are and how she serves her audience with value, advice and her expertise. 

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Connect with Christian:

Website: https://www.couchwithchristian.com/

Course: https://couchwithchristian.thinkific.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/couchwithchristian/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/couchwithchristian

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VmJFkyjh1zBiGy4vAWCHA

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