From Military Mental Health to Military Fitness: Following Your Passions to Create Something New

When today's guest, Stephanie Lincoln, LPC was laid off from her government contract position she decided to pivot her skill set and create her own business.

On this episode, Stephanie shares how soon after she was laid off, she received a phone call from a clinical connection that led her to working at a weight loss camp as the clinical director. And when she returned from the camp she then received a request to work with the Florida National Guard to help Soldiers get back into Warrior condition and from there her idea, Fire Team Whiskey, was born.

With Fire Team Whiskey, Stephanie has created and published four unique eating plans, a specialized line of nutritional shakes, bars, and other performance supplements plus a fitness program that requires no equipment and minimal time. Fire Team Whiskey® encompasses all of the intangible things a Military Member and First Responder are driven by: Duty, Camaraderie and Mission. Stephanie created the very first and only heath and fitness program exclusively for Military Members, Veterans and First Responders.

Stephanie talks about her journey to starting Fire Team Whiskey, the challenges she faced along the way, how she uses social media to grow her brand and why going for no is so important in business!

Learn about Fire Team Whiskey here

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