From Anxiety to Achievement - Strategies for Teens and Young Adults with Bennett Schwartz

I welcome Bennett Schwartz, an experienced mentor and life coach specializing in personal development for young adults aged 15-23. Bennett shares his journey into coaching, his passion for helping young people build essential life skills, and his unique approach to mentoring.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Introduction to Bennett Schwartz and background
  • Bennett's Approach to Coaching
  • Core Principles of Bennett's Mentoring Program
  • The Role of Expectations and Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Failure and Embracing Feedback
  • Insights on Coaching vs. Therapy
  • Finding the Right Life Coach

Bennett's Contact Information:

Website: Coaching With Bennett (

NextGen Navigator Program: NexGen Navigator (

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Bennett Schwartz's YouTube Channel for more insights on coaching and personal development.

"Unlocking You" podcast for tips on personal and professional development.

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