Cassidy Russell Is A Nerdy Therapist

As a total nerd herself, Cassidy Russell, MA, LMFT, likes to say that her niche is nerds. Cassidy is able to use her knowledge on various fandoms whether it be Harry Potter, Pokemon, My Hero Academia, or Star Wars, to connect with people who often have a difficult time connecting with others. Nothing is “too nerdy” a topic for Cassidy. Through these topics Cassidy is able to gain a better understanding of the client and help the client connect what they are seeing in these various forms of media to their everyday life.

And on this week's episode Cassidy shares her story and background and how she helps teens by being a truly authentic nerd and therapist.

Helping kids and teens feel better about themselves and build healthy connections with friends and family is an absolute joy for Cassidy. Navigating relationships and growing up can be tough, but Cassidy knows how to help. She excels in her ability to build a strong rapport with kids, teens and their parents, helping to nurture the very foundation of therapy and healing.

Outside of the therapy room Cassidy can often be found sipping a cup of hot tea while enjoying one of her favorite hobbies:  reading, creative writing and playing video games.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

You can learn more about her on her site and youtube channel

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