A Master Therapist Reflects

There are so many incredible things to let you know about today’s guest, Dr. Vince Ward.  I first met him when I was a graduate student in the Counselor Education program at the University of South Carolina and over the years we have run into each other at workshops and seminars. He always has a warm smile on his face and a kind word to offer. When I saw him last month at a VA event, I jumped at the opportunity to invite him onto the show.

Vince is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been mentored by a few of the best master therapists in the world, including Carl Whitaker and Robert A. Johnson. He draws on a number of techniques from a variety of approaches in his work. He is trained in Systemic, Psychodynamic, Jungian, and Gestalt therapies, among others. And as you will hear in our discussion, we share the same clinical supervisor, Dr. Russell Haber.

For today’s episode I asked Vince Ward to discuss whatever he wanted to in regards to the field of talk therapy. Vince has been a therapist for many years even before licensing was a "thing" and I am always interested to hear his perspective and take on ideas within our field and profession.

We cover quite a few topics and notions such as understanding the sides of the brain, the absence of the feminine in men, his view on telehealth, his road to becoming a therapist, what he hopes to be his legacy and why we therapists need to continue to work on ourselves and why we shouldn’t ever give up on self examination.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

You can learn more about Vince and connect with him on his website.

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