Resolving the Parent Trap: How to Support Clients with Mommy & Daddy Issues with Christian Jackson, LPC

This professional development training is designed to help participants identify the clinical implications of difficult relationships with one’s mother and/or father. Participants will be able to identify specific traits of the mother and father wound, how it impacts healthy relationships with self and others, and next steps for treatment. The GRACE Method, based on cognitive behavioral therapy, is the unique system participants will learn to target mental and emotional discomfort, thereby decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms related to “Mommy and Daddy Issues”.
Included in the training is a consultation with Christian Jackson, LPC. Once you purchase the training, you will be able to schedule your consultation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and understand the clinical implications of having difficult relationships with one's mother and/or father.
  • Recognize and list specific traits associated with the mother and father wound.
  • Analyze how these wounds can manifest in individuals.
  • Evaluate the influence of the mother and father wound on an individual's relationship with themselves and with others.
  • Determine the appropriate next steps for treatment for individuals affected by the mother and father wound.
  • Understand the foundational principles of the GRACE Method and recognize its basis in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Resolving the Parent Trap: How to Support Clients with Mommy & Daddy Issues with Christian Jackson, LPC

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About Christian Jackson

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I am thrilled to offer you the Southern Hospitality I was raised to offer to my guests. I’ve always been so curious about what makes people tick, which goes great with my knack for helping people. This tendency to overachieve (AKA “do the most”) came from my desire to be seen. I made myself responsible for things I probably shouldn’t have been, but it made me feel safe. More in control. Sound familiar? Well, I’ve figured out how to spin that in my favor. I’ve been able to recreate my experiences in certain types of relationships. Today, I’m a wife and mother; things I’ve always wanted. The friends I have are like the family I never had. This came from hard work I continue to do on myself. I also owe my personal transformation to my awesome professional training. 

As a trauma specialist, I treat women who are feeling a lot like I once was: overwhelmed, lost, and full of pride. I believe in supporting women, while they figure out what’s getting in the way of their ability to manage their worry, stress, and sadness. You will learn practical ways to snap out of the haze of existing and begin learning and using tools to slow down the racing thoughts, get better sleep, examine unhealthy habits, reevaluate your relationships, and set boundaries. It’s hard work that you don’t have to do alone. Start your journey today! Learn more: Couch with Christian.

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